I’m a licensed New Jersey Barber / Cosmetologist with most of my work relating to the Barber industry. I’ve worked under an amazing barber with over 49 years of experience. He taught me new and traditional style techniques, some dating back over 100 years, that result in great looking haircuts.

I provide a clean, professional and positive atmosphere during the haircut and/or beard and mustache trim. I also offer some extras like a straight edge shave with hot lather on the back of the neck and sideburns, cooling off the skin with old time after shave like Bay Rum. Also offered are eyebrow, ear and nose hair trim, all at no extra charge! And to get rid of those loose hairs, the Pinaud talc is always applied with an old school natural bristle neck duster.

You always leave my chair feeling fresh, clean, and confident while looking great.

Stop by for a good old fashioned scissor cut or a nice professional machine buzz, fade or flat-top.

Free hot fresh coffee always available.

Joe the Barber